Who Are We

Creative Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria (CEAN) is a Not For Profit Business Development Service Provider in Nigeria.


The Creative Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria is the platform for creative entrepreneurs to foster collaborations, interaction and networking. This is aimed at enhancing the Creative Economy of Nigeria. CEAN builds capacity, create jobs and wealth opportunities for her members and their immediate community- within and outside Nigeria.


“THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES” can be defined as the cycles of creation, production and distribution of goods and services that use creativity and intellectual capital as primary inputs. They comprise a set of knowledge-based activities that produce tangible goods and intangible intellectual or artistic services with creative content, economic value and market objectives.


THE CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR is the person or group of persons who use their brains and creativity as their primary working in the creative industries in the areas of film, music, advertising, software design, design, publishing, fashion design etc.

Our Approach

Our Mission

  • To provide integrated networking, educational, mentoring and business development services to enable creative organizations and communities to adapt and thrive in Nigeria.

Our Vision

  • To enhance and sustain entrepreneurship in the Nigeria Creative Industry.
  • To promote and enable creative business growth and development.

Aims and Objectives

  •  Create a platform for entrepreneurs in the creative industry
  •  Development of entrepreneurial skills within the creative industry
  •  Providing networking opportunities
  •  Providing Mentorship and Capacity development
  •  Advocacy and policy formulation